Order of submitting, reviewing and publication of papers

Order of submitting papers for publication

The following materials should be submitted to the Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the Editorial Board of «Vestnik of P. A. Solovyov Rybinsk State Aviation Technical University» journal (via mail or in person):

1. The materials of the paper that is proposed for publication in the journal in a single copy. These materials should be submitted on paper medium and signed by all authors of the paper (with clarification of signatures and indication of the signature date);

2. One copy of the notice of decision, which the specialist commission makes concerning the possibility of publication of the paper in the public media (for Russian authors). The layout of the decision notice should be in accordance with the prescribed form.

3. External review (reviews) can be submitted to the Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the Editorial Board of «Vestnik of P. A. Solovyov Rybinsk State Aviation Technical University», if its (their) structure meets the requirements that are set for the journal. Availability of external review (reviews) does not mean that the paper manuscript would not be submitted for additional reviewing by the journal Editorial Board.

Procedure for reviewing manuscripts submitted to the Editorial board of the journal «Vestnik of P. A. Solovyov Rybinsk State Aviation Technical University»

1. The Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the Editorial Board of «Vestnik of
P. A. Solovyov Rybinsk State Aviation Technical University» performs primary expertize. During the primary expertize the supporting documents shall be considered, compliance of the paper to the journal profile shall be assessed, as well as to the rules of paper submission guidelines and statutory requirements of the journal Editorial board, which are presented on the journal website.

2. Paper submission adequate to the journal profile, the rules and requirements established will be accepted by the Editorial Board and will be submitted for reviewing. Paper submission inadequate to statutory requirements, will be returned to the authors without further reviewing.

3. All papers offered for publication in the journal are subjected to mandatory review.

4. A reviewer is appointed among members of the editorial board or leading specialists on the work profile. Reviewers should be recognized experts on the subject of peer-reviewed materials and have publications for the last 3 years on the subject of reviewed paper.

5. Terms for review writing are established as agreed with the reviewer, but it should not exceed three weeks.

6. Forms of reviewing:
- reviewing by «Vestnik of P. A. Solovyov Rybinsk State Aviation Technical University» journal;
- reviewing by the expert on the profile of reviewed paper;
- third-party reviewing (the author attaches to the paper the review of the peer not connected with the place of work (study) of the authors of the paper duly drawn up and attested; the Editorial board reserves the right for supplementary reviewing).

7. Reviewers are notified that all the Manuscripts are the private property of the authors and are reportedly not subject to disclosure. Review is confidential.

8. A review should present relevance of submitted material, academic novelty of research, determine compliance of a text to be published with the general profile of the journal and artistic level of presentation (style, literacy of presentation, linguistic culture, etc).

9. The reviewer makes a conclusion on possible article publishing: «recommended», «recommended with regards of corrections in reviewer remarks» or «not recommended».

10. With positive review, the article is submitted to a meeting of the editorial board to make a decision on the publication.

11. If the reviewer has any remarks on the article which require author"s involvement, it is sent to authors for correction.

12. Correction terms for the article author not more than three weeks are established based on reviewer remarks. When the set terms are not observed the corrected paper is considered as newly submitted.

13. Corrected article is submitted for re-review. The reviewer makes a conclusion on its possible publication.

14. With negative review, the article is additionally sent to another reviewer.

15. With two negative reviews, a motivated refusal to publish the article is sent to the author which is certified by the chief editor or its deputy.

16. If a second review is positive, article publication is discussed on a meeting of the editorial board.

17. The content of each journal edition is approved on a meeting of the editorial board of the «Vestnik of P. A. Solovyov Rybinsk State Aviation Technical University» journal, in which a decision is made whether to accept each article for publication.

18. Review originals are kept in the editorial office of the «Vestnik of
P. A. Solovyov Rybinsk State Aviation Technical University» journal for 5 years.

19. The review is submitted on appropriate written request of the Ministry of education and Science of RF, of the expert board of the Higher Attestation Board, and of the article author. The review is submitted without signature and reviewer"s last name, name, middle name, position and working place.

Rules for paper publication

1. General requirements
Papers are admitted for examination which were not published earlier in other journals or are not intended for publication in other journals.
The papers should be submitted to the Editors office in electronic form and in hard copy. Hard copy should completely agree with the non-legible paper.
Files with the article can be submitted in electronic form (on CD or USB flach drives with obligatory reference to E-mail address of one of the authors) or via E-mail.
The authors submit hard copies of articles to the Deputy Editor-in-Chief or send them by post specifying the return address.
The UDC code precedes the article title, complies with the topic stated and is specified in a separate line on the left before the title of the paper.

2. Electronic copy
The article shall be typed in Microsoft Office Word 2003.

3. Content
A full-text paper should have a well-defined structure: introduction, statement of the issue, ... conclusion (summary).
The introduction and the conclusion are expounded in the way the reader who is not working directly in this field can understand what exactly is the essence of the research problem and what are the features and benefits of the proposed solution.

4. The amount of the text in the published papers should not excced 10 pages.

Sample paper

Ŕ. B. Ivanov, V. G. Petrov

«Federal State-Financed Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education
«P. A. Solovyov Rybinsk State Aviation Technical University»

The method of vibro diagnostics of elastic structure technological conditions based on the eigenvibration investigations is introduced. The data of numerical and full scale experiments aimed at detection of the defect in the elastic body by the method introduced are given and compared.


Currently requirements increase as to reliability of construction of modern GTE with simultaneous growth of their load and weight reduction. It is known that the most failures of machine parts are caused by their insufficient dynamic strength. If the excitation parameter is concentrated force P, and the observation parameter is shift of the point of the object to be diagnosed Y, then equivalent masses of k form of eigenvibration of the solid body can be presented as follows