Subject areas of the journal

«Vestnik of P. A. Solovyov Rybinsk State Aviation Technical University» is the scientific and technical journal since 2010 included by the Higher Attestation Commission of RF into the List of journals and publications for the main scientific results of the theses for pursuance of Doctor of Science and Philosophy Doctor academic degrees to be published:
• one of the expert serial titles in Russia in the area of mechanical and theoretical engineering, aeronautical and space-rocket engineering, metallurgy and material science, mechanics, informatics, computation engineering and management;
• is distributed by subscription in Russia and CIS states;
• included in the system of the Russian Science Citation Index (RISC).

Priority areas of development of science, technology and engineering covered in the journal

1. Nanosystem industry.
2. Information and telecommunication systems.
3. Transportation and space systems.
4. Energy efficiency, energy conservation, nuclear engineering.

Critical technologies of RF covered in the journal sections

1. Nano-, bio-, information, cognitive technologies.
2. Technologies of information, control, navigation systems.
3. Technologies of obtaining and machining functional nanomaterials.
4. Technologies of creating high-speed transport vehicles and intelligent control systems for new means of transport.
5. Technologies of creating new generation space-rocket and transportation techniques.
6. Technologies of energy efficient production and conversion of organic fuel energy.

Sections of «Vestnik of P. A. Solovyov Rybinsk State Aviation Technical University» journal

- Aviation and rocket and space technology
- Mechanical engineering and machine science
- Metallurgy and materials science