Important notice for authors

Requirements for the published papers submitted to the journal
«Vestnik of P. A. Solovyov RSATU»

The amount of text in the papers published in «Vestnik of P. A. Solovyov RSATU» should not exceed 10 pages (preferably completely filled up); that of the reports − 3 pages.

The identifier of Universal Decimal Classification (UDC) is specified prior the text of the paper in the left upper corner. Then the title of the article centered and printed in capital letters is specified. This is followed by a list of authors. For each author the initials and last name are specified; initials are written first then the surname of the author. The initials are separated by a single space from the surname of the author. This is followed by exact addresses of all institutions with expansion of acronyms and indication of city/town. Then goes a brief summary of the article in a new paragraph adduced in lowercase letters and in italics (should not exceed 500 characters).

This is followed by key words (5 – 7) in small caps.

The materials of the paper should be prepared by using Word 2000, 2003, single line spacing or factor 1,12, Times New Roman font 14 pt size, 1,27 ńm indent of the first paragraph line. Margins: 2,5 cm top; 2,5 cm bottom; 2 cm left; 2 cm right.

The paper should be prepared correctly, in particular, one should clearly distinguish a dash and a minus (-) and a hyphen (—) and apply them in accordance with the rules of the Russian language. A dash should be typed through the following combination of keys: Ctrl+Shift+minus. After points in acronyms (č ň. ä., ň. ĺ., but not č ň.ä., ň.ĺ.), between initial letters hard space should be put (Ctrl+Shift+space) (I. P. Sidorov, but not I.P. Sidorov), as well between numbers and measures (5 mm, 20 °Ń, 10 mWt, 25 %, 1 mkŔ, 750 mm Hg etc.), between the number sign and the number (ą 5). In the text and tables automatic hyphenation should be used (Tools – Language – Hyphenation – put the box on the Automatic hyphenation). Word break in the headers is not allowed.

Formulae should be typed in the formula editor Microsoft Equation 3.0 Word package.

When applying formulas the mathematical style should be used according to which the following symbol notations are employed:

– letters of Latin and Russian alphabet applied as symbols for physical values are presented in italics;
– Function names (sin, ln etc.), similarity numbers and criteria, e. g.: Ěŕ (Mach), Nu (Nusselt), Re (Reynolds), symbols for sum, integral etc., Greek symbols, figures, brackets are typed in block-letters;
– in indices Latin letters are typed in italics, if they are initial letters of value designations or serial numbers;
– in other cases in indices Latin and Russian letters are typed in block letters, e.g., NŔ is the Avogadro"s number, Mr is the relative molecular mass (r – relative), Pmax is the maximal pressure (max – maximum), Pč is the excessive pressure (č – excessive).

Each formula should be typed in one window of the formula editor. Combined typing of symbols in the formula editor and outside of it in the formula is not allowed.

In the text variables should be typed without using the equation editor, using the keypad, except in complex cases. For example, it is better to type in the formula editor so that upper and lower indices are below each other. The sequence of letters of the Greek alphabet is as follows: Insertion → Symbol. The font to be used: Symbol.

Illustrative material is prepared in Word (as an insert) with the number and title of the figure, and picture caption (height of the font of the caption and title of figure is 12 pt).

Bibliographic references (bibliography) are given in accordance with GOST 7.05 – 2008.

To the text of the paper the recommendation of the organization is attached, (if the authors are not employees of P. A. Solovyov RSATU), as well as the expert review on the research area of the paper (experts other than officers of the department where the authors work), the experts report, the title, the abstract and keywords in English.

A separate page shall contain information about the authors for publication in the journal: surname, name, patronymic, job title, academic degree, academic title, affiliation, phone, e-mail. The paper should be signed by all authors.

Papers failing to meet the listed requirements will not be accepted. Manuscripts and supporting documents will not be returned. The date of receipt of the manuscript shall be the date of receipt of the final version.

Papers shall be submitted on CD-ROM designed for the IBM PC in the WINDOWS environment.

Together with the disc the advanced copy of the paper, signed by the authors, and the expert opinion should be sent. To contact the authors their home and business addresses and phone numbers should be given.

All the above materials are submitted to the Deputy Editor-in-Chief Valery Vasilyevich Nepomiluev at: 152934, Rybinsk, Yaroslavl region, Pushkin str., aud. 434 (editorial-publishing department) in a closed package with indication of the authors" initials on the front side of it as well as the title of the article.

«Vestnik of P.A. Solovyov Rybinsk State Aviation Technical University» is issued twice a year in May and December.
Special issues of «Vestnik of P. A. Solovyov Rybinsk State Aviation Technical University» may be published following the scientific conferences.

No fees are charged for publishing the papers which are authored by post-graduate students.

Financial terms for paper publications in «Vestnik of P. A. Solovyov Rybinsk State Aviation Technical University» journal for the authors other than University lecturers and personnel: 800 RUB/page.